What the UK Bonsai Association stands for...

What drives the UK Bonsai Association? The desire to promote the appreciation of bonsai throughout the country, while fostering a sense of community among all who love the art.

We believe that, as we adjust to the demands of the 21st century, improving the communication and sharing of information on bonsai benefits us all.

We help you plan your bonsai event diary around holidays and work commitments with our UK Event Calendar, which gives a view of up to a year in advance.

Are you tired of missing opportunities to attend a talk or workshop on a topic that interests you or your club? We also provide a monthly newsletter which highlights the closest coming shows, workshops and club speaker nights. Register here as a member of the UKBA to receive our monthly newsletter.

We bring together the individual practitioners, as well as clubs, societies, groups and businesses, who choose to collectively promote the spirit of inclusivity within the bonsai community, and all its associated elements.

As we move forward, more projects will take shape to make bonsai more accessible to everyone. Our Knowledge Base has a bonsai glossary and will have more illustrated tutorials to come...

Bookmark our website and stayed tuned for all our latest info. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more interaction.

We welcome your feedback - here's a handy form to let us know your thoughts. Or send an email to info@ukbonsaiassoc.org

Photo courtesy of BML Martinez

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