Repairing a Broken Pine Branch

Back in July 2015, disaster nearly struck the bonsai display at the Hyper Japan show, which was held at the O2 London. 

Peter Liess tells us about how this was all turned around in the nick of time - and it was all captured on photo:   

As part of our bonsai exhibit, we had a Japanese White Pine which was to be used for a demonstration on wiring branches. Whilst preparing the White Pine for wiring, we noticed that a branch had been broken. This could have happened either during transportation to the show, or even at the venue itself as the working area was confined. 

As it was a substantial branch, naturally we wanted to save it; these are the steps I took, with the photos to illustrate: 

First, a putty-type wound sealant was applied around the damaged area. The wound sealant was to prevent infection and promote healing of the branch. 

I then soaked some raffia in water until it was pliable. The broken branch was then bound with the wet raffia.

Splints were applied, using 3mm aluminium wire to give added support.

The good news is that the branch has more than survived. These photos show how well it has healed and is growing strong, 3 years later.

Congratulations to Peter on a job well done!

Photos courtesy of MingChen Moreland and Peter Liess

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