UKBA Glossary of Bonsai Terms - C









Cascade Style






see Kengaii

Clump Style






see Kabudachi







Formal upright style - The trunk is straight and evenly tapers toward the top. The branches of the bonsai must gradually become shorter and thinner from the bottom to the top, be horizontal compared with the trunk, or bent slightly downwards. The roots at the base of the trunk are nicely spread, the nebari. The whole composition must be in balance with the trunk and the pot.

Coiled Style






see Bankan







the position of the main stem or stems of a plant, which coincides with the surface level of the soil







cone bearing tree







having been transferred at some stage of development for purposes of sale, transport or decorative effect








Crassula arboresscens/ovata






not a tree but a succulent of which there are many varieties but arborescens is the most commonly used for bonsai. Pairs of leaves are offset at right angles on a thick corky/spongy trunk.  C. arboresscens is green and C. ovata is silver/grey green

Crown (of a tree)






all that part of a tree above the lowest branch







a flower cluster with a central stem bearing a single terminal flower that develops first, the other flowers in the cluster developing as terminal buds of lateral stems.









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