The UKBA Glossary of Bonsai Terms - K















Clump style - This is basically the same as the double-trunk style (Sokan). However, we only refer to a multi-trunk style if three or more trunks are growing out of the ground from a single root base. These trunks cannot be separate, unlike a group cultivation (Yose-Ue)..







Cascade style - In nature, this tree grows on a rock face and, because of snow and wind, it first grows downwards and then upwards again. In Kengai the leaves grow lower than the pot.







sticky black imported japanese growing medium that is harvested clay and other organics from the rice paddies and koi ponds.  Used as a medium to create walls and stick rocks etc togetehr in bonsai plantings and as a shell in kusamono.







can be literally translated as "grass thing" potted arrangements of wild grasses and flowers in unique pots or trays selected to suggest a season or place normally displayed as a grass bonsai in their own right.  While traditionally in Japan, plants gathered from mountains contributed to the bulk of companion plantings, modern use has extended to more creative and artistic design.









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