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Otiorhynchus sulcatus






“Vine Weevil” – adult weevil is matte black with fused wing covers and is unable to fly. It feeds at night on the outer edges of leaves, causing the leaves to have a notched margin.  Female weevils have the ability to reproduce parthenogenetically with fertilisation of eggs required to produce males, though no males have been observed.  This form of parthenogenesis is known as thelytoky. Grubs grow up to 10mm in length, have a slightly curved, legless body, creamy-white in colour, with a tan-brown head. They live below the soil surface, and feed on roots and cambium at the base of the trunk. They cause most damage to herbaceous plants, particularly those growing in containers, where root growth is restricted. Severe infestations can result in complete root destruction and hence plant death.

Ovary Wall















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