24th Feb 2019 Swindon Bonsai Winter Image Show

Now in its 17th year, Swindon is the longest running annual show, show casing everything the UK has to offer in Bonsai. Whether your a lover of the smallest bonsai Mame or a lover of the largest bonsai Chuhin, whether club or individual enthuisiast, there all on display at this show. The professionally run competition keeps everyone on their toes, covering all aspects of presentation, the awards are keenly fought for, this year a special mention to John Pitt , winning 4 of the 10 available awards.

 The awards at Swindon Show:
 1.Best Overall Display (sponsor John Pitt) -  John Pitt
2.Best Deciduous Tree (sponsor John Pitt) - James Butterworth
3.Best Evergreen Tree (sponsor John Pitt)- John Pitt
4.Besh Chuhin Tree (sponsor John Pitt) - Mark & Rita Cooper
5.Best Shohin Display (sponsor John Pitt) - Andy Jordan
6.Best Mame Display (sponsor John Pitt) - Rita Cooper
7.Best Club Display (sponsor John Pitt) - Aka Matsu
8.Best Accent (sponsor John Trott) - John Pitt
9.Best Tree/Pot Combo (sponsor Walsall Ceramics) - John Pitt
10.Arihato Award (sponsor Kit Browns) - Beryl Thorpe

Andy Jordan
Andrew Hardman
Bill Baker 
John Brocklehurst
Mark Cooper 
Ritta Cooper 
Robert Stewart
Steve McKee

Traders attending Swindon Show:
2.Walsall Studio Ceramics
3.Lee Verhorevoort Bonsai
4.Chris Thomas
5.Greenwood Bonsai Studio
6.Wood & Clay
7.Tony Remington Studio
9.David Sampson
10.Gordan Duffett
12.Green Dragon Bonsai

 Clubs attending Swindon Show:
1.Bristol Bonsai Society
2.Ashfield Bonsai Society
3.PhoenixBonsai Society
4.Warminster Bonsai Society
5.Splinter Bonsai Group
6.Newbury Bonsai Society
7.Aka Matsu School Of Bonsai
8.Solent Bonsai Society
9.Surrey Heath Bonsai Society
10.Glynderi Bonsai Society

 You could buy tickets for the Swindon Show raffle, with prizes donated by traders. 
Also tickets for the Royal British Legion Pot, designed and supplied by Andy Pearson and Simon Hadden.
Next years show has been scheduled for the 23Feb20, make sure its in your diary.