6 & 7 Oct 18
6th European Bonsai-San Show
This established show, now in its sixth year, gathers together amateurs and professionals from all over Europe.
Even though this show is the other side of the channel and quite a distance into France, a  loyal contingent of UK enthusiasts make the journey every year. This year the show had been brought forward to the first weekend in October, in order to accommodate the Bonsai World Convention at Mullhouse on the second weekend, a double wammy if you had the time or inclination. Most people from the UK, didn't have the time to visit both shows, and decided to support Frederic and Stephanie Chenal on the first weekend at Sailieu. Their long journey from the UK was rewarded with glorious sunshine, a show packed with traders and most importantly, one of the best collections of trees including an unbelievable collection of Shohin all from one exhibitor Luigi Maggioni. The demonstrations over the weekend consisted of, from Europe Luis Balino, Jorge Campos, Salvatore Liporace, Luigi Maggioni, Danny Use and from Korea a Team headed by Seokju Kim.
Crucially here we would like to highlight the exhibitiors who made the journey from the UK, these people are the unsung heroes who at their own expense and effort fly the flag abroad. We would like to congratulate Warren Radford on winning the show trophy for Best Bonsai and Table match, but as they say, its not winning, its participating that's important so well done to all the UK exhibitors.
Alex Hammond - Maple (Acer Palmatum)
Dean Kelly - Blackthorn (Prunus Spinosa)
Faisal Waheedy - Blackthorn (Prunus Spinosa)
Ian Stewardson - Juniper (Juniperus Procumbens)
Russ Farley - Juniper (Juinperus Chinensis)
Tony Tickle - Mugo Pine (Pinus Mugo)
Warren Radford - Hawthorn (Crataegus Monogyna)
Not only at this point do we want to highlight the exhibitiors but also the UK traders, especially European Bonsai Potter Collective who sponsored the Best European pot and tree combination trophy.
Alex Rudd - European Bonsai Potter Collective
Harry Harrington - Bonsai4me
Peter Warren - Saruyama
Tony Tickle - Mojo Bonsai
Next years show is already fixed for the 12&13Oct19, demonstrators already booked Bjorn Bjorholm, Jan Culek and Mauro Stemberger, if you have not made the journey yet do so, you won't be disappointed.
-- by Mark Moreland

Photos courtesy of MingChen Moreland