8th -10th February 2019 Trophy Show - Belgium

The long running Noelanders Trophy Show, now renamed as the Trophy Show celebrates its 20th year, situated in the town of Genk in Belgium, about 5 hours' drive from the channel tunnel, it's relatively easy to get to. Three big halls, two housing approximately 90 traders and one  housing the exhibiton area, with a magnificent auditorium with non-stop demonstrations, a venue which takes some beating.
The main exhibition area had trees from all over Europe, many people commented the quality of the trees on show seemed to be much higher than in previous years, and as usual with this show, the UK contingent did us proud. Special congratulations go to Andy Jordan who was awarded best Shohin in show and his second shohin display received a recommendation award.

Allen Tolley - Viburnum - Multi Trunk - Pot/Gordan Duffet

Andy Jordan - 
PinusThunbergii (Black Pine), Malus, Acer Palmatum,  Zelkova Serrata , Pyracantha (Firethorn) , Juniper Chinensis (Juniper)

Andy Jordan - 
Pinus Parviflora, Ulmas (Chinese Elm)

Andy Smith  
Larch (Larix) - Raft  
Pot/Gordan Duffet

Andy Smith - Larch (Larix) 
Informal Upright 
Pot/John Pitt

Dean Kelly  
Prunus Spinosa (Blackthorn) - Slanting  Pot/Japanese Yamaaki

Ian Cuppleditch - 
Trident Maple (Acer) - Over Rock 
Pot/Japanese Tokoname

John Pitt- Prunus Spinosa (Blackthorn) 
Informal Upright 
Pot/John Pitt

Russ Farley 
Junipuer Chinensis - Cascade 

Warren Radford - 
Crateagus - Informal Upright
Pot/Japanese Koyo

Warren Radford - 
Punica Granatum Keijan (Pomegranate) - Informal Upright  
Pot/Japanese Koyo

Best Conifer Of Show Award: 
Jesus Valero Belmonte 
Pinus Nigra 

Best Broadleaf Of Show Award:  
Andres Alvarez Iglesias 
Ulmus Minor 

Best Shohin Of Show Award
Andy Jordan - 
PinusThunbergii (Black Pine), 
Acer Palmatum, 
Zelkova Serrata, 
Pyracantha (Firethorn)
Juniper Chinensis (Juniper)

Recommendation Awards
Alain De Wachter - Zelkova Serrata
Nik Rozman - Pinus Mugo
Jean-Paul Polmans - Pinus Deniflora
Frank Jesse - Forsythia
HelmutBachmann - Picea Abies
Cindy Verstraeten - Styrax Japonica
Ruben Ciezar Villanueva - Taxus Baccata
David Benavente - Acer Buergerianum
Andres Alvarez Iglesias - Pinus Parviflora
David Benavente - Juniperus Chinensis
Holger Gobel - Shohin
Andy Jordan - Shohin
Marija Hajdic -Carpinus Orientalis


Masayuki Fujikawa – Japan

Ryan Neil – USA

Gabriel Romero Aguade – Spain

Vaclav Novak – Czech

The Korean Dream Team

Lee Kwang Jong - Korea           Kim Seok Ju – Korea       Choi Song Ho - Korea

Cho Won Dong – Korea

Choi Song Ho                                            

 Her Youn Hang - Korea

UK Traders
Alex Rudd - EBPC
Chris Thomas
Daniel Butler
Zacs Bonsai
John Pitt Bonsai
Mendip Bonsai
Stone Monkey Ceramics
Tony Tickle
Walsall Ceramics
Windybank Bonsai
Next years show has been scheduled for 29Feb/1Mar20, if you only go once, its worth the trip.