Learning, sharing and connecting with Bonsai

The UK Bonsai Association is working to connect the entire bonsai community across the whole of the United Kingdom.

The world of bonsai is beautiful and wide, covering more than just miniature trees: there are artisan pots and slabs, viewing stones and accent plants, display scrolls and tables. All put together by enthusiasts and craftsmen both here in the UK and all over the globe.

Whether your passion is growing bonsai, kusamono, or saikei; or your interests lie in the art of display or the science of horticulture – there is something for us all to share and enjoy.

Perhaps you are simply curious and just wish to know more? We have web pages that can serve as your go-to reference for bonsai-related knowledge, and we are also developing new material continually.

The UK Bonsai Association is open free to all. We invite you to join us and share your knowledge, ask your questions, and savour a journey of development together.

Photos courtesy of MingChen Moreland, BML Martinez

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